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Professional Certificate Renewal Information

Former/Retired Employees

Past PCPS Employees

Charter Employees

Charter School Employees

More Renewal

Renewed Professional Certificate that Expired in 2020

Please be advised that, if you took advantage of the extension on recertification offered by FLDOE in 2020 and renewed between 6/30/2020 and 12/31/2020, your NetConnect transcript may reflect points that were already applied towards your renewal. Because these points were earned outside of the normal validity period, NetConnect’s filters may display these points as available when they are not. It is in your best interest to keep this in mind as you prepare for your next renewal in 2025. To see what points are available to you, please review your NetConnect transcript. If you still have questions or concerns after reviewing your NetConnect transcript, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected].

NEW Renewal Requirement!! 40 Inservice Points in Reading

Per Rule 6A-4.0051, Educators with Professional Certificates expiring June 30, 2025 and thereafter must earn 40 inservice points (or two (2) college credits) in the use of explicit, systematic, and sequential approaches to reading instruction, developing phonemic awareness, and implementing multisensory intervention strategies if the educator is renewing any of the following coverages:


  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Prekindergarten/Primary Education (age 3 through grade 3)
  • Elementary Education (grades 1-6)
  • Primary Education (grades K-3)
  • English (grades 1-6)
  • Middle Grades English (grades 5-9)
  • Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum (grades 5-9)
  • English (6-12)
  • Reading (K-12)
  • Reading (Endorsement
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (grades K-12)
  • Approved PCPS Courses through FDLRS and Professional Development are being identified and will be notated with (DL) which stands for Developmental Literacy.
    • For example – Exploring Structured Literacy (DL) – 2100033

Adding a Subject Area or Endorsement to a Teaching Certificate

Charter School Employees

Professional Certificate

Temporary Certificate

Temporary Certificate Information

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Please refer to your Statement of Status of Eligibility (SOE) from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) for your specific requirements.

First-Year Requirements:

All must be completed prior to the Temporary Certificate expiration date

  • General Knowledge Test (GK)
  • Subject Area Exam (SAE)
    Note: Reference your SOE for the specific subject area exam.
  • Professional Education Competence Program (PEC)

Second-Year Requirements:

All must be completed prior to the Temporary Certificate expiration date

  • Professional Education Competence Program (PEC)
  • Education Courses

Third-Year Requirements:

  • Professional Education Competence Program (PEC) – Must be completed prior to the Temporary Certificate expiration date
  • Professional Education Test – Must be completed prior to the Temporary Certificate expiration date
  • On-line application to Upgrade to the Professional Certificate – During the last year of your temporary certificate prior to the Temporary Certificate Expiration date
    Note: Input your teaching experience when you apply to upgrade.

Additional Information:

  • Suggestion: This advisement should be used as a guide to ensure that all requirements as listed on your SOE towards the professional certificate can be completed prior to the expiration date of your temporary certificate.
  • GK Test: A passing score is a pre-requisite for applying to enroll in the ACE Program.
  • SAE: A passing score is a pre-requisite for applying to enroll in the ACE or EPI Program.
  • PEC: This is a mentoring program through your school location that is started in your first year and can continue through to the next school year. PEC does not clear out any education courses listed on your
  • Education Coursework: Complete the ACE or EPI Program or complete the courses through an accredited college/university. Reference the information listed on the certification webpage under Options to Complete Education Courses.

Hot off the Press!! - Master’s Degree can waive GK Test!!!

Per House Bill 1159: Effective July 1, 2021, completion of a master’s degree or higher from an accredited postsecondary institution recognized by the Department of Education will satisfy the General Knowledge Test requirement.


  • Official master transcript must be on file with the FLDOE prior to the initial application or the application to upgrade to the professional certificate is evaluated by the FLDOE
  • Request to have your college/university submit an official master transcript to the FLDOE

Options to Complete Education Courses

Note: It is your choice regarding how to complete the required education courses that are listed on your SOE towards the professional certificate. It is your responsibility to obtain verification from the FLDOE that the college course(s) you choose to complete the education courses (listed on your SOE) through another entity (college/university) will fulfill your specific requirement(s) listed on your SOE. Email the FLDOE at [email protected] and include the name of college, course title, prefix and number for course verification before enrollment.

Testing Information

o FTCE Testing Website:

o FTCE Test Study Assistance:

o FTCE Study Resources: Provide a link to the attached information FTCE Study Resources

Upgrade to the Professional Certificate

Please follow the 3 Steps listed below to upgrade to the professional certificate when one of the following occurs:

  • During the last year of your temporary certificate (Expires in June of the current SY), or
  • All requirements listed on your SOE have been met.

Step 1: Go to Florida Department of Education’s website:

Step 2: Log into your VERSA account.

Step 3: Choose the “Upgrade to Professional Certificate” application.

  • Complete the application

Include all coverages that are currently on your temporary certificate.

Document at least one year of teaching experience.

  • Submit the application fee of $75.00 directly to the FLDOE.

Out-of-Field Teachers

Per state statue, PCPS must regularly report a list of out-of-field teachers. Teachers are identified as out-of-field based upon their teaching assignment and student enrollment, as required in the Florida Department of Education Course Code Directory. Teachers who teach one or more classes of a subject that is not a subject area listed on their Florida Educator’s Certificate are considered out-of-field.

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